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Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites Cancún Visit the most incredible cenotes in Cancun

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Visit the most incredible cenotes in cancun Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites Cancún Cancun

Visit the most incredible cenotes in Cancun

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect vacation for you? Well, on the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya you can enjoy white sands, bathing in turquoise waters, and our incredible hotel: Beachscape Kin Ha, with excellent leisure and gastronomic offer. In addition, the Mexican Caribbean is located in a privileged environment, with Mayan ruins and cenotes so spectacular that they seem like mirages. Ready to delight yourself with adventures in the middle of nature? Let's go there!

The most exceptional cenotes in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Cenotes are natural freshwater wells that were used sacredly by the Mayans. These are the best cenotes in Cancun and the Riviera Maya:

1. Chac Mool

It is one of the best-known cenotes in the Riviera Maya for its great visibility and its spectacular caverns. It is located 25 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, and is also known as "Jaguar Claw." It offers an area for snorkeling, open areas, caves, etc., and one of its most outstanding spaces is the "Air Dome", an air campaign full of stalactites.

2. Chilam Balam

Also in the Riviera Maya, the Chilam Balam cenote stands out, belonging to the famous Route of the cenotes of Puerto Morelos. This place is characterized by having a natural platform in the center from where you can see how the roots of the trees are submerged in the water. Surrounded by a jungle environment, you can experience exciting off-road excursions.

3. Sacred Cenote

The Sacred Cenote, in Cancun, is connected to the famous temple of Kukulcán through a path of about 300 meters. This cenote is 60 meters in diameter and cuts walls 15 meters deep. The Mayans used this place to make sacrifices to please the rain god.

4. Tajma-ha

The Tajma-ha cenote is one of the most spectacular in the Riviera Maya for diving enthusiasts. It is made up of four interconnected cenotes, and you can only visit them in all their splendor if you overcome a 5-meter-deep wall. You can see the change in salinity of the water between different areas.

5. Great Cenote

Located in Tulum, it is made up of two circular cenotes joined by a cave. In it you can make an underground tour of 319 kilometers, making it the longest underground river in all of Mexico. In it, you will find accessible spaces for beginners, but also deeper areas for expert cave divers.

6. Suytun

It is completely closed, and it only has a vault that allows natural light to enter, something that highlights the turquoise color of the water even more. It contains a central stone walkway where you can take a quiet bath, but its maximum depth is five meters, so diving is not allowed here.

7. Ik Kil

It is one of the most majestic and spectacular cenotes of all. Very close to Chichen Itza, and in the open, it is surrounded by vegetation and is 27 meters deep. Its natural balconies will allow you to observe the cenote without having to go down, and if you feel like it, you can bathe in it.

8. Secret River

Río Secreto offers one of the most complete experiences when it comes to cenotes since it is a Natural Reserve. It is adapted for families, and you can visit its underground river and do other activities such as bicycle routes through the jungle or abseiling.

9. Seven Mouths

Siete Bocas is within the route that starts from Puerto Morelos, and the great peculiarity of this cenote is that seven mouths serve as an entrance, as well as natural vents. Inside, there are interconnected galleries that allow you to swim from one to the other. Seeing the stalactites and tree roots of these tunnels is an unforgettable experience.

10. Blue Cenote

Suitable for any age, all its cavities allow swimming, although there are areas where you will not be able to access unless you are an experienced diver.

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